Project: Branding and Packaging

Brand Strategist: Sylvain Racine 思大大

Brand Copywriter: 赵静雅 Chloe

Art Director & Brand Designer: Paul Vîrlan 包尔唯

Brand Illustrations by: Mao 猫加温

Brand Concept

MIAMIUM is a Scandinavian/Nordic brand that offers tiny sweet bits of energy. The truth is that 99% of the time, life is quite plain and silent. But thanks to that 1% of exciting moments, we can recharge with energy and just keep on going.


Brand Rhetoric

MIAMUM uses some words and phrases as sweet as the tiny bits of energy that keep you going.


Sweet tagline

The little things that keep you going.


Sweet tone of voice

A little sweet moment,

A little beauty, 

A little surprise.


Enjoy little things,

Enjoy life!


A little sweet

A little surprise



Latin Typography

Chinese Typography

Brand Colors

The color palette is inspired from the northern lights, resembling a dancing color show in a refreshing way.

Brand Illustration

European Packaging

Chinese Packaging

Visual Style

Social Media


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